Support music education in schools.

Over the years, as our schools have seen their budgets slashed again and again, music education, once a healthy part of an all-around curriculum, has suffered more than most subjects. Very few school systems assign the same importance to music education that they did in the past. But according to MENC The National Association for Music Education, “Research reveals strong correlations between quality music education in school and academic achievement.”

MENC, one of the largest arts education organizations in the world, and which recently celebrated its centennial, is a great resource for people interested in increasing music education in public schools.

NAMM Foundation is also dedicated to supporting school music education.

Here is an excerpt from NAMM Foundation’s brochure:

    “Doing Well and Doing Good by Doing Art,” a study by
    James Catterall (I-Group Books, 2009), explores the
    relationships between arts involvement, academic
    achievement and citizenship. Using 12 years of data
    collected by the National Educational Longitudinal Survey
    (NELS) where students were studied for the same 12-year
    period, Catterall’s study looks at the effect of education,
    visual and performing arts on the achievement and values
    of young adults and compares students at arts-rich
    schools to students in arts-poor schools. Students who
    were highly involved with the arts outperformed their
    less-involved peers, even within low socioeconomic
    groups; low-income students with high arts involvement
    performed better than the average study (at all income
    levels) in the NELS sample. There is also a halo effect for
    arts-rich schools; even students who are not personally
    involved in the arts benefit. These students are more
    likely to attend four-year colleges, progress to higher
    education faster and get better grades.

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